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2009 and Feelin’ Fine

January 2, 2009

So new years has come and gone, and as I attempt to recover I am also preparing to depart on a glorious journey. Today my friend Jason is coming from Tomsk (a nearby city) and then tomorrow we set off together on the train to Ekaturinburg, which straddles the border between Europe and Asia in the Ural Mountains. Here we will meet up with our other friend, and fellow Fulbrighter, Abbie. We’ll spend a couple of days in Ekat before we catch another train to St. Petersburg. We will be spending about a week in Petersburg which will be awesome. It’s been two years since I studied there and I can’t wait to go back. It’s such a cool city, and I think I took it for granted when I studied there. Also I will be meeting up with an old friend from L&C (GO Pios!!!!) who was a part of my study-abroad program in Peter two years ago. I will also be visiting my Ukrainian friend, who recently moved from Novosibirsk to Peter. And finally we will be crashing with another Fulbrighter who will also be joining our crew for the continuation of our journey to Europe. First we will fly to Amsterdam, hang out  there for 5 inevitably sober days. Then we head to Berlin where among other things we hope to go to an Animal Collective concert!!! and then onward to Prague. I hope to see my old pal and fellow normanite, Paul Harris, either in Prague or in Berlin (he lives with his girlfriend in Chemnitz which is somewhere in between the two). And then after a few days in Prague, its back to Russia for our mid-year Fulbright orientation in Moscow and then the long train to Siberia!!! It promises to be a most ridiculously awesome trip. Not only have I never visited any of these cities (besides Peter), but I’ll be travelling with such awesome company, and meeting so many great people along the way. I couldn’t sleep at all last night because I was so excited…  Anyways, I will try to post updates along the way, after all my new year’s resolution is to be a more responsible blogger!

I would like to say something about my new year celebrations, but it seems that Json’s bus has arrived a bit early so I gotta jet!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope it treats you well


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